The Most Important Habit You Need is Simple .

Forget buzzy life-hacks and take responsibility, You have bad habits. If you think you don’t, you’re kidding yourself. Some of them are probably worse than others and some of them will hold you back worse than others. If you’re looking to shave off some of your bad habits, and you always should, I always recommend […]

This Is How I Found Peacefulness .

Solitude and creativity have been in my arsenal for some time now. They’re the best way to confront the inhumanity and sorrow one witnesses in law enforcement. Suicides. Murder. Accident victims. Child abuse. Such things are obscenities that crush the human spirit. I was a cop for over twenty six years. The last ten years […]

The Two Types of Relationship We Form — and Which Is Better .

Martin Buber was nominated for the Nobel Prize 17 times: 10 for Literature; 7 for Peace. He is primarily known for his work on the philosophy of dialogue, which deals with the complexity of relationships: their different forms, what they accomplish, and how they mature. Interestingly enough, he didn’t particularly like being described as a […]

Life Is Change .

The news that your life is changing always seems to come like a sudden bolt of nearby lightning. It brightens the world around you in an instant, turning the most mundane of surroundings and the most routine activities into the backdrop for memories that will be etched into your consciousness forever. And then just as […]